tomorrow is our chance to make history at the people’s climate march.

(and in berlin: join the silent climate parade)

everyday rebellion - a cross-media documentary on non-violent creative protest. opening september 11 in germany.

21 september 2014: the people’s climate march.

all around the world, people will gather to demand from the world leaders to take bold action on climate change.

and the silent climate parade berlin will be joining them!

it was wonderful to hang out with charles eisenstein earlier this year, what a beautiful soul. this video sums up one of his fundamental ideas, that our culture has the story of self all wrong: we are not separate. we are connected, we interexist. we are the totality of all of our relationships.

Last year in October I gave my first TEDx talk, at TEDxBusan, and the talk has finally been posted.

It seems like everyone is trying to build communities nowadays, and this is my insight into strong communities: If you want to create really powerful bonds you have to go beyond consuming together, but actually create something together!

really glad this video from sensecamp berlin 2014 turned out so well!! check out the awesome atmosphere of this great weekend!

no, i can’t wait till sensecamp london!

solar-freakin-highways: great video that’s being shared left and right it seems - really cool idea, but what’s more is that it’s a fantastic case-study for a brilliant crowdfunding campaign: as of today, it raised 1.5 million USD (the goal was 1m), and it’s still running for 3 more days!

change minds, change paradigms.

interesting post-growth video: i’d almost describe it as growth-agnosticism - it simply shouldn’t matter. other things matter more.